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Castle Combe
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One of the longest established circuits in the UK, Castle Combe was originally the perimeter track for a World War 2 airfield. Following changes in 1999 the track now boasts modern facilities for competitors and spectators; and the resurfaced and now reshaped 1.85 miles long circuit provides what is generally recognised as the closest racing in British Motorsport.

Our Chief Instructors View.

"If you were to look at a track map of Castle Combe, it could easily be mistaken for a simple and quite easy circuit. Do one lap of this extremely high speed track and you will immediately realise how wrong you would have been! This track possibly has one of the most adrenaline fuelled first corners, and fatal mistakes can and have been made here, so watch out for it! It is a bumpy ride as you tour the lap which at first can be very intimidating, but after a while, and as your confidence levels increase, this all adds to the extremely rewarding feeling you get when you complete a solid lap around this brilliant track."

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