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RMA Through the Ages

Welcome to this selection of pictures taken at RMA events over the years.

They are not in any particular order and have been scanned in from old style photographs, they are all pictures from various events we have organized, lots from the many dinners we hosted, some of which were attended by great drivers such as Brian Redman who came to a Spa event and gave a speech at the evening dinner. See if you can spot the much younger looking Derek Bell, Martin Brundle, Dario Franchitti, Alan McNish, Ron Dennis and the late David Leslie along a whole host of other faces, many of whom you may well recognize. There is even a picture of Leyton, our managing director, aged about five in his school play, this has no relevance whatsoever other than to cause him maximum embarrassment. There are even some photographs of the Renault test drive road shows when we hauled fifty odd cars, the world's biggest Scalextric set and a bloody great marquee around the country for the launch of the Laguna Phase 2.

That was hard work but seriously good fun as well!

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