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Track Day FAQs

  • 1. Do I need to become a member of RMA Track Days?

    To participate on an RMA Track Day, membership isn’t required but could be beneficial to you. To see the memberships we off, click here

  • 2. What if I am late?

    Obviously please try to be on time for the driver’s briefing which is usually held at 8:40am. If you cannot make this then we will be able to give you another briefing when you turn up. We’ll do this as quick as we can but please understand our staff will be quite busy running the event once the day gets underway.

  • 3. What do I need to bring with me?

    You need to bring your drivers license with you, which may be asked for at registration. If you do not have a road license but are over the age of 18, then a full competition license must be presented.

  • 4. Do I need to wear a helmet?

    Yes, you need to wear a helmet at all times on track. If you are in an open car then the helmet needs to be full face, an open face helmet is okay in a closed car. The helmet needs to be from a recognised manufacturer. If you do not have a helmet you can hire one for the day at a cost of £10. We will ask to hold your credit card or a similar form of deposit to ensure you remember to return it, helmets are expensive!

  • 5. What should I wear?

    You need to have your arms and legs covered at all times on circuit. A Nomex (or similar fire retardant material) race suit is advised however jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt are fine. You should wear shoes with a thin sole that you are comfortable driving in. Remember most circuits originated from old airfields and are often colder and windier than domestic environments so something warm is also recommended.

  • 6. Do I need to have my car insured whilst on track?

    You don’t have to have your car insured on track, some conventional road insurance policies may even cover track use (check the small print) however should you wish to purchase specialist cover, there are a number of companies offering track day insurance.

  • 7. Does my car have to be road registered to take on track?

    Your car doesn’t have to be road registered to take on track as long as you can get it to the track!

  • 8. How do I know if my car will pass the noise limits at the track?

    Each track has its own noise limits which are set by the local council; they are very strictly adhered to as the track can face closure if the limit is frequently exceeded. If you are unsure you can take your car to your local track where most circuits will be happy to test it for you. If your car exceeds the limits the circuit owners may ask you to cease participation in the track day unless you can solve the problem and unfortunately RMA have no say in this decision. There is more information on noise limits here...

  • 9. Does my car have to have a roll cage to go on track? What should it have?

    No, your car does not have to have a roll cage to be used on track. Your car needs to be in a good state of repair and should be fitted with a towing eye or equipped with a suitable bracket for easy recovery. Your car must be fitted with seat belts – 4 or 5 point harnesses are mandatory for race prepared vehicles. Although not mandatory, we would also recommend that you have a secured fire extinguisher in your vehicle within reach of the driver. Cars may be subject to scrutineering and RMA reserve the right to refuse access to the track for any vehicle we feel may be unsafe or not track worthy.

  • 10. What tyres do I need to take my car on track?

    A good road tyre is perfectly adequate for track use, but always make sure you’re running the right tyre for the weather conditions that are expected for the day. RMA Track Days recommends Michelin Tyres for track day use.

  • 11. I have not been to a track day before. Will I be okay on track?

    You have no need to worry, RMA Track Days have been around for over twenty years, have run well over one thousand events in seventeen different countries and during this time we have learnt quite a lot about running track days!

    This experience has allowed us a more ‘grown up’ approach to overtaking rules on track compared to other track day organizers; we allow overtaking on both sides. It is a simple method where the car being overtaken stays on its line, and it is the responsibility of the overtaking car to pass in a safe and non aggressive manner and without causing the overtaken car to go off line. We monitor compliance with this simple rule very strictly via our own driver coaches on track, feedback from our customers and most valuably we have CCTV cameras covering and recording every square centimetre of track. Those who blatantly disregard these rules find themselves leaving the circuit very quickly!

    If you are unsure of lines of a track we have driver coaches available who will be happy to explain them and take you out on track until you are comfortable on your own. If you would like to book some driver coaching please call the office on 01628 779000 or book online as we cannot guarantee we will still have space on the day as they book up very quickly.

  • 12. What sort of cars come on RMA Track Days?

    RMA Track Days have a reputation for excellence that we pride ourselves in. We keep the numbers down and consequently we get some stunning cars on track. However, attitude and consideration towards fellow attendees is far more important than what car you drive. Everyone coming to a track day has one thing in common – we all enjoy our cars. So virtually all types of car are welcome as are customers with little experience to well hardened racers!

    Some out and out race cars and sports prototypes will need prior approval, please contact RMA before booking your place.

  • 13. Are RMA track days run in sessions or with an open pit lane?

    RMA Track Days endeavour to run with an open pit lane at almost all our events. However, we always reserve the right to introduce sessions on safety grounds. An open pit lane means that cars can go out on track whenever they wish with numbers on track being regulated by our pit lane marshal. We find this provides a more relaxed event and means that on the rare occasion stoppages occur no one misses out on track time.

  • 14. What happens if I break down or come off track?

    You should never stop on the circuit except in the case of mechanical breakdown or instruction from a marshal. If you spin off and can rejoin the track safely do so carefully, however if forced to stop through mechanical failure park as safely as possible and as far off the racing line as possible and use hazard warning lights if fitted. Driver and passenger should then move behind the safety barriers or as instructed by a marshal and wait for recovery.

  • 15. Can I bring a passenger with me?

    Passengers are welcome RMA Track Days at a cost of £25 per day. They must also comply with the clothing and helmet stipulations mentioned above and be over the age of 16. There is a maximum of two people allowed in a car at one time. Spectators are also welcome at no extra charge.

  • 16. How much is an additional driver?

    Additional drivers cost £50 for the day at most UK circuits and £95 at Spa Francorchamps and must attend the safety briefing. There is a maximum of four drivers to one car.

  • 17. Can I bring more than one car?

    We will allow you to bring two cars for no extra cost if you wish to use one car in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If you wish to alternate the cars constantly throughout the day then we will charge 50% of the track day fee for the second car.

  • 18. I am not 18; can I attend an RMA track day?

    Yes, if you comply with the following: Nat B junior licence holder – you need to have a Grade A ARDS driver coach with you all the time at the track and on circuit and be using a relevant car, for example, Ginetta Junior; or Nat B licence holder or above – at 16 you can go out on your own but with no passengers unless they are an ARDS driver coach.

    You will also need to have a parent, guardian or driver coach with you at registration to countersign your indemnity form irrespective of your grade of competition licence or if you hold a full road licence.

  • 19. Is there fuel available at the track?

    Most circuits have fuel available however they are not always open all day and it can often be more expensive.

  • 20. Do I have to have a garage?

    Garages are available free of charge on a first come basis at all UK circuits, if you want us to reserve one specifically for you there is a charge of £50. Garages at overseas circuits are always charged for and can be as much as £120 per day although they will often accommodate four or five cars.

  • 21. Can I get photos from the day?

    We have professional photographers in attendance at all UK events. The photos will then be sent to you, free of charge after each event via email. At our Spa events pictures will be available to purchase from Frozenspeed ( on the day.

  • 22. Can I do half a day?

    RMA don’t charge less if you can only do half a day. This is due to the fact that at most circuits RMA run an open pit lane policy so you can go out on track as often as you like – in theory you could go on track as often in half a day as you could the whole day.

  • 23. Is their vehicle support?

    Although RMA offer no official vehicle support there are often several race teams in attendance who we can introduce you to who may be able to help if you have a problem.

  • 24. What happens if I need to cancel?

    If you wish to cancel a booking fourteen days or more prior to the event on which you have booked we will credit your account with the full amount paid less a £25 administration fee.

    If you wish to cancel within fourteen days of the event for which you have booked we will only credit your account with the full amount less a £50 administration fee if we are able to re sell your place.

    Any credit issued will not be transferable and must be used within twelve months.

    There shall be no refund made by us if the Event is terminated either on the day of the Event or shortly before as a result of adverse weather or other matters which in our reasonable opinion are beyond our control provided that we will use our reasonable endeavours to arrange a replacement event at such additional costs (if applicable) as are reasonably obtainable.

  • 25. Can I access the circuit the night before the event?

    RMA officially have access to the circuit for the day of the event only however most circuits try to accommodate access prior where possible depending on the event that has been held on that day. For further details please contact the circuit directly.

    Please Remember - The purpose of a track day is to provide the opportunity for participants to enjoy the performance of road or track prepared vehicles in a safe and controlled environment away from the public highway. It is not a facility for racing drivers to test race prepared cars or practice lap times. To ensure everyone’s safety compliance with these instructions is essential, failure to do so or any demonstration of inconsiderate, inappropriate or aggressive driving will result in immediate exclusion.

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