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Goodwood, a track lost in time and almost totally unchanged since it’s closure in 1966, this track offers 2.4 miles of some of the fastest road available in the UK!

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"Goodwood is a track that seriously focuses the mind! Whether it’s trying to go flat out in something fast through Fordwater or trying to brake as last as is humanly possible for the Woodcote Chicane, this track is constantly draining the drivers’ bravery tanks! Although the track is well signed throughout the whole lap showing drivers where to brake, turn, apex and exit, we always find here that there’s no substitution for getting someone who really knows the place to show you how to get the most of your car around Goodwood! Even when big international superstars come over to race at the Goodwood Revival, if they’ve never seen the track before, the first thing they do is jump in for a few laps with an instructor! Here more than most places the famous old saying knowledge is power couldn’t ring more true!"

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