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Dijon-Prenois is a spectacular circuit to drive, formerly the home of the French Formula One Grand Prix the 2.415 mile undulating track is noted for its fast sweeping bends with natural gradients and cambers set into several challenging corners. Situated just 10 miles north-west of the city Dijon, track day attendees can also enjoy the great food and wine to be found in the Burgundy region.

Our Chief Instructors View.

"People talk about Dijon as almost a mini Spa and for a relatively short lap it offers everything you’d ever need. The first sequence of turns 1 through to 4 is like nothing I’ve come across before; it’s almost worth the journey there just to drive them! The other big plus side with Dijon is it offers a straight that never seems to end, great for the drivers trying to achieve the higher end of their cars top end potential. It’s also a fantastic circuit for those new to track days, as there aren’t really any major potential spots for accidents and there is substantial run off around the lap.".

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